Good Things on a Thursday Evening

November 17, 2011

  • Sean stayed home today and painted the girls’ room this gorgeous pink color.  I love it.
  • And this means I can think seriously about how to decorate them a pretty room.
  • J and I just watched Alice in Wonderland on the couch together.  We had this warm cuddly cocoon and a blanket and he slept on me and I had a glass of wine and it was so nice.  I only got up now because if I didn’t, I’d pass out.
  • I have some achiness in the chest area (thanks, baby who ate all day- growth spurt?) and I can take ibuprofen and this makes me happy.
  • C stayed on green again today and got something from the treasure box.  Two dum-dums.  She was delighted.
  • She and R were even more delighted when they saw their room.  It was so cute.  Gasps.
  • Sean’s off work again tomorrow.  Going to set up the ikea shelf for the girls’ closet and we’ll have lunch and have a nice quiet day.  Take some boxes to the dump.  Love on the baby.  Ooh, maybe a nap!  And it’ll be Friday- our first normalish Friday since J came.  I can’t wait.

2 Responses to “Good Things on a Thursday Evening”

  1. Devon said

    I put this Pinterest board together not long ago for my neighbor girls (three of ’em…know anyone like that?). Thought you might see something that inspires you.

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