November 21, 2011

I was awesomely productive today.  I have to brag about it.  (I also have to brag about getting back on the treadmill, but that’s for my next post).

The shelf is installed in the girls’ closet.  Sean finished painting their room.  The pink’s gorgeous… it absolutely glows at night but looks pretty subtle during the daytime.  Books are on the shelf and the compartments up top are being used to hold out-of-season/not-old-enough-for/special-occasion toys.  It needs bars for hanging clothes, that’ll be another project.

The room itself is tidied and clock hung.  We have ordered bunk beds.  Once they come and get put up, the second twin bed will be moved into the other kids’ room for J to sleep in eventually.  A will move into the room with the big girls.  (Yep, three girls in a smallish room.  We don’t keep a lot of stuff in there, fortunately.)

This means I also need to get J’s eventual room cleaned out for the eventual moving of the twin bed.  We’ve been using that room, where the crib is, to put a ton of stuff for a while now.  I did a bit of work in there today… not a ton yet, but better than it was.  As of tomorrow, our house is losing one smallish shelf, about three big bags of trash, an old laundry basket, and a big box of donations.  All out of the computer crap closet and A/J’s room.  More to come.  Really… it was a very productive day.  I also purged and organized toys.

Usually I’d like to type a big list of what I did but this was a little bit of a lot of projects.  Tomorrow I’m going to go out and run a couple errands, including taking my disability forms to the office and spending an hour or two there organizing work stuff.  That should be fun, J will be a massive hit.  Then Wednesday will be another organize at home day.


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