My Kid Is Alexander

November 24, 2011

There’s a WHOLE EPISODE of ST: TNG all about the exact same behavioral problems I was having with C, plus more.  Alexander, son of Worf, is:

  • stealing
  • lying
  • disobeying his teachers
  • not following directions
  • sneaking out with Dad’s bat’leth
  • also being aggressive and hitting people!

Apparently, talking to Deanna Troi isn’t an option as far as Worf’s  concerned (I don’t blame him much since she immediately raises her eyebrows at him in a very judgy way, and I wouldn’t be so pleased to have my parenting questioned like that).  Worf decides to explain honor to him.  Not so helpful.  I could have told him that.

Instead, the solution is to threaten the kid with a Klingon boarding school (and then Troi explains the concept of “abandonment” to Worf) and then having the kid get caught in the bio lab talking to his only friends, the bumpy snake thingys, when a fire breaks out AND the bio lab’s about to be flooded with radiation.    Riker and Worf save him (Worf showing Super!Strength and Riker showing Super!Willingness to touch the bumpy snake thingys) and then Worf decides to keep him on the Enterprise and everything’s all good.

Why didn’t I know this episode existed?  It was all heartwarming and touching and stuff too.


3 Responses to “My Kid Is Alexander”

  1. karlapr said

    I remember that episode! How did solve the issues with C?

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