November 24, 2011

I’m going to do this.  A run a day (at least a mile) every day from today through New Year’s Day.  My left knee is bothering me a little right now from my first two fairly hard runs, but it’s not bad, and a run just around my backyard today (almost 1.5 miles) didn’t bother it at all.  I really am excited about getting back into the swing of things.

Goals include 8K in March, half-marathon in 2012… likely in August when the big Rock and Roll half is here in Virginia Beach.  Though I’m not firm on that race yet, a friend from work wants to do it and is bugging me to join her… she’s a much more experienced runner than I am.  (Also younger, tiny and adorable, and not postpartum… so can’t hurt to have someone to chase in my mind.)

I didn’t track food for dinner tonight.  It’s THANKSGIVING.  I don’t think I went too far over, though especially with the exercise I got today.  My backyard run managed to get my heart rate up for 30-40 min- I did situps, pushups, jumping jacks between laps and carried the girls over my shoulder for a few slow laps.  (Now THAT is an exercise.)  Maybe if the knee feels better I’ll try a slow distance run tomorrow.




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