Baby FAQ

November 26, 2011

Q: So, how’s he sleeping?

A: Good.  Maybe?  I don’t know.  He goes to bed in his cradle and sleeps there until 12-1 am.  Then he wakes up, wants to eat, and winds up spending the rest of the night in bed with me.  I guess I can’t complain about that, given that once he comes into bed, I don’t even know when/how much he feeds.  He is cuddly.  Last night, he woke up not just hungry but wet through, so I had to strip him down.  In my 1 am stupor, I had myself convinced that if I went for fresh pajamas for him, I’d wake up A.  (A sleeps like a rock.  I wouldn’t.)  So I just stripped him, changed him, and brought him to bed in his diaper.

I just don’t expect a 1-month-old to sleep more than 3 hours at a stretch.  I am convinced that people who say their newborns sleep through the night “from the beginning” are either high, have bad memories, are lying, or are using a Miracle!Formula that also contains tranquilizers.  I’m perfectly happy with how J’s sleeping right now and I feel pretty rested, even not napping every single day… once he hits about 4 months old, then we’ll start looking for a 6-7 hour stretch.  All my girls slept through the night (6-7 hours) by 6 months old.  It coincided with them moving from the cradle in our room to their own crib.  I think it will with J as well, even with his fondness for sleeping with us… once I start limiting feeding access at night, he’ll sleep longer, even if some of it is still in our bed.

I just don’t worry.  Not after four kids.  Just because he sleeps with us now doesn’t mean he always will.  At this age, C dependably slept on her own, and here she is, 4.5, trying to sneak into our bed for cuddles almost every night.  Sometimes we let her, sometimes we send her back.  They’ve all had their weird sleep phases where they didn’t do well, some longer and weirder than others, and they’re always overcomable.  Overall, my kids are pretty good sleepers.

But yeah.  Everyone always wants to know how the sleep is going.  My answer is usually, “Good.  Maybe.  I don’t remember, I’m mostly asleep too.”  People who breastfed their kids usually get it.  People who didn’t are sometimes confused as to how I have no idea.  Then again, those people also gave formula which to my understanding promotes longer sleep, sooner, even if it doesn’t contain tranquilizers.  I’m not slamming that!  (And in fact, I’m somewhat envious of it.  Except for the part where you have to make a bottle at 3 am.)


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