November 29, 2011

My baby girl is two tomorrow.  Here’s some brief highlights of her two years, pulled from her tag on my old LJ account:

November 2009: I’m sick as heck with bronchitis.  Go to hospital the day after Thanksgiving with contractions, only to be sent home.  Three days later, I arrive at my doctor’s appointment to be sent to the hospital.  Four hours later, A is born.

Early December 2009: A goes home the day after she’s born, healthy, non-jaundiced, nursing great, and adorable.  Then a few days later she gets pinkeye.  Sean has pneumonia.  I have bronchitis.  R gets sick too.

Mid December 2009: A starts getting sick.  I first notice it the day she takes newborn photos and she’s puking everywhere and coughing.  We go to the doctor on 12/23.  All we can do is keep an eye on her.  She looks awful and I go to the emergency room on Christmas.  All we can do is keep an eye on her.  She’s gray and hacking and looks terrible.

Late December 2009: The day after Christmas, she’s lethargic and limp, and back to the ER I go.  At the ER, she stops breathing, which is the most terrifying moment of my life.  She is resuscitated and transported to the children’s hospital, where she’s installed in the PICU with bronchiolitis on about a dozen tubes.  I stay there and pump.  On New Years Eve, she’s taken off the breathing apparatus and immediately starts pigging out.

Early January 2010: On New Years’ Day, A is sent to a regular room where we wait for her to wean off oxygen.  We finally get home on 1/4.  Everyone’s healthy again, and she gets on with life.

January 2010: A develops baby acne, spits up a lot, gains weight, smiles, holds her head up some, and nurses a ton.

February 2010: C learns to undress A.  A is an efficient eater and only wakes up once at night.  Gets congested.  Very smiley.  I dropped her carseat in the garage but thank god she was buckled into it securely and was fine.

March 2010: Started working on sleeping through the night.  Had a bald spot in the back of her head.  Could stand supported for a bit.

April 2010: Started rolling both ways and sleeping through the night here and there.  Was in the local paper.  I got worried about her need to be swaddled all the time now that she could roll, but she couldn’t sleep without it… and started tummy sleeping.  Started rice cereal.

May 2010: Loves sweet potatoes, starts sitting unsupported, laughs, starts eating bits of real food.  Starting to belly scoot, wants to stand, obsessed with staring at sisters.

June 2010: Moved to her crib.  Loves the walker.  Sleeps through the night, scoots on belly, needs a little help sitting, and can get up on all fours but goes nowhere.

July 2010: Early in July, can sit unsupported. Late in July, gets a tooth.

August 2010: Can sort of crawl, get to sitting on her own, eats everything, uses a sippy cup, pulls to standing.

September 2010: Cruises a little, crawls more.  Claps.  Gets baptized.  Makes clicking sounds with her tongue.

October 2010: Wants to dance.  Claps a ton and starts cow’s milk.

November 2010: Weans.  Says Mama.  Takes her first steps in a dramatic fashion.  Ate Thanksgiving dinner and turned 1.

December 2010: Doesn’t die this time.  Says Mama, Daddy, Nana.

January 2011: Says 10-15 words… the same list she’ll be saying for about the next ten months.  Walking fast.  Way into Daddy.  Wants to climb.  Is pudgy!

February 2011: Kills a chicken with her bare hands.  No, really.  Sleeps like a dream.  Wants to get into trash and steal cell phones.  Throws up on me spectacularly after C’s 4th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.

March 2011: Is going to be a big sister.  Couch climbing.  Takes off socks and shoes.  Ticklish.

April 2011: Into Dora.  Blows kisses.

May 2011: Climbing stairs.  Won’t sit and cuddle.

June 2011: Pudgy!  Quick phase where she buries head in my chest affectionately.

July 2011: Is only child for a week when C/R vacation.

August 2011: Same 10-15 words.  Dora-crazy.  Climbs up and down stairs.  Loves bathtub paint.  First flight to Michigan.

September 2011: Stacks blocks, follows simple instructions.  Hides under blanket in the morning, to her great amusement.  Big, squirmy, troublesome, into Sean’s chair all the time and all over and into everything.

October 2011: Some sleep issues.  BIG AND SQUIRMY.  Starts not liking me much.

November 2011: Big sister.  Really uninterested in Mommy.  Obsessed with Daddy, making messes, and fighting diaper changes.  No potty-readiness signs, but starting to show interest in little brother.  Puts two words together as of today (“Hi, Joe!”)

Love my Alice.  Hoping as a little time goes by, she gets over the uninterested-in-Mommy thing, like R did herself just after 2.  But happy birthday, my sweetheart!


2 Responses to “TWO!”

  1. DeliaDelia said

    Yay! Happy Birthday Alice! I cannot believe how time has flown and your family has grown 🙂

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