More Baby Fussiness Chatter, and Updates on the Girls

December 1, 2011

So today, I got to thinking that J’s been sleeping decently well at night (for 3ish hour stretches) but gets all fussy during the day with the poop stuff.  And I got to thinking, what’s different?  So, this morning I tried swaddling him, which I wouldn’t ordinarily do during the daytime.

Annnnnnd he slept all day.  Pretty much.

If he still sleeps decently tonight, I’ll call it a victory.  I suspect he will, actually, he’s still teeny and needs lots of sleep.  And I’ve never seen my kids’ nighttime sleep particularly affected by how much they get in the daytime.  At any rate, he seems happier and I got more done.  Still woke for feedings, woke on his own a few times, napped with me (swaddleless*) early afternoon.

So yay baby!  Tomorrow, he goes to his first business lunch.  No, really.  Have also planned to take him to his first wedding… awesomely, the wedding of the obstetrician who delivered him.  (Actually, we’re taking 3/4 the kids to the wedding.  A, the only one I don’t trust out at night, will get a special evening at her godmother’s house instead.)

So, the girls:

C: Is freaking and already throwing a drama fit about her flu shot tomorrow.  Behavior still pretty good, better than a month ago, anyway!  Was WAY WAY WAY too overexcited about A’s birthday yesterday.  Mommy can I open her present?  Mommy can I help her open her present?  Mommy can I get right up in her face while she opens her present?  Mommy can I spread the frosting on the cake?  Mommy can I have cake?  Mommy I really want cake now.  Mommy can I lick the spoon?  Mommy mommy mommy ARGH.**

Stole R’s new unicorn beanie baby yesterday.  Well, took it and hid it, and then brought it back when R got upset about not being able to find it.  (The second I said, “Where is it?” and saw her face, I knew.  She’d wanted it from the beginning… hers is a raccoon.)  Since she did bring it back voluntarily upon request, her punishment was a 15 minute time out.

Really loving writing words right now.  They’re doing “everyday words” at school: a, is, are, he, she, the, on, etc. That sort of thing.  She was having us spell them tonight so she could write them.  Doing well.  She’s bright!

R: Sweet as pie but I think she does push C’s buttons on purpose sometimes.  Sitting too close, feet in the face, that sort of thing.  Still thinks saying “booty butt” and then giggling hysterically is the height of humor.  It’s funny, like, once.

A: Word explosion continues.  She knows shapes- I saw her do triangle and circle (and say them both) today.  She will say “two!” if you ask her how old she is but hasn’t mastered holding up two fingers.  Upon prompting, said her first two-word combo the other day- “Hi, Joe!”  (and then today, “Hi Daddy!”)

Tomorrow, doctor- A’s 2-year checkup, J’s 1-month checkup, flu shots for A/C, and a shot in the arm (literally) for Sean, who has tendonosis.

*I’d never co-sleep with a swaddled baby.  He needs his arms.  Plus, good practice for later sleeping w/o a swaddle, and tummy time if he’s sleeping on my stomach/chest which is often the case.

**This is payback.  I remember numerous special occasions in my family when I was young, and what I remember well is my mother repeatedly telling me to not get overexcited.  I couldn’t figure out why she’d say that.  Now I am highly suspicious that it’s because I was behaving in exactly this manner, which I thought of as perfectly reasonable.  So C probably thinks she’s being reasonable and not INCREDIBLY ANNOYING when she does this.  Still don’t know what to do with it.  Oh well, could be worse.


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