Doctor’s Visit

December 3, 2011

J: At one month old, is up to 9.5 lbs.  That’s a gain of 2 lb 6 oz in three weeks.  Okay, big boy.  21.8 inches.  Looks good.  Doctor had nothing really to offer on his poop troubles, which didn’t surprise me, since neither did my sister.  He was fine with his one shot, cried all of two seconds.  Amazing how awful that is to see with a first kid and how it’s a nothing with the fourth, especially after the fuss a 4-year-old throws.

A: At two, is 34 inches and 31.5 lbs.  That’s one hunk of toddler!  Fighting a minor tummy bug.  I personally would REALLY like her to stop pooping overnight, as she’s been doing the past week.  It’s giving her an awful diaper rash and she fights diaper changes and kiddo is very strong.  Did fine with her shots, cried all of about 15 seconds.

C: Pitched a hysterical screaming fit about the flu shot.  Sean and I had to hold her down.  Very mature.  Where am I going wrong in raising tough kids?  Where does she get this?  None of the rest of us flinch at a shot or minor pain.  STILL whimpering about it 18 hours or so later.  GOOD LORD KID.  I tried to point out to her how tough all her siblings were, including THE BABY.  Tried to explain how she didn’t want the flu.  Tried to explain how everyone did it.  Tried to explain how all princesses got the flu shot.  Promised treats.  Threatened punishment.  Nothing helped.  Her behavior at the doctor was generally just AWFUL.

Sean: Got a steroid shot for his shoulder pain.  We’ll see if it helps.  No one had to hold him down.


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