Saturday Night Stomach Evil

December 4, 2011

430 pm: I go outside with C/R and work out while they play.

515 pm: Come inside.  Take a bath.  I’m thirsty so I drink a ton of water.

6 pm: We serve mini pizzas to the girls.  They all eat everything.  My stomach is iffy, I think because I drank so much water.

645 pm: Sean takes out a big salad and wings for us.  I don’t want wings.  Stomach doesn’t feel right.  I do eat a gigantic salad.  We  turn on a movie and A goes down around 7.

It gets bad after this so I’m cutting so you can not read it if you like.

715 pm: My stomach is REALLY NOT GOOD.  I lay on the couch and watch Emperor’s New Groove with the girls.  I feel like crap.  Sean may or may not believe me (he did try and talk me into eating wings).

845 pm: Movie over.  We put C/R in our room to watch Snow White and I continue to lay on the couch miserably wondering what’s wrong with me and watching last week’s Glee.  Somewhere in here, I recall that A threw up Thursday night.  Hmmm.  Wonder if it’s connected?

9 pm: I sit up to move the pillows around and that’s it.  SICK.  I go throw up, repeatedly and come back.

1030 pm: Happens again.  I’m to the shaky point.

1115 pm: C starts throwing up in our bed.  HUGELY.  ALL OVER EVERYTHING.  We get her out, as awful as I feel myself, and disassemble the bed and start laundry.  The smell almost makes me start again.  There’s puke everywhere.  Lots of it.  We put sleeping R in her own bed and I think to put a towel under her, just in case.  C requires a full shower and hair washing.  I set her up on the opposite end of the couch from me on towels.

1145 pm: C jumps up saying she has to throw up again.  I’m in the bathroom holding her hair back when I hear a wail from R, coming across the hall with her hands over her mouth in my direction.  I have to move C, who’s freaking out, and let R start throwing up everywhere in the general direction of the toilet and all into her own hair.  Now R needs a change, a shower, a hair washing, and more laundry done.  I set her up on the floor on blankets and a pillow and towels.

12 pm-3 am: I “sleep” with C on the couch while getting up with either one of them every 15 minutes and doing laundry every time I’m up.  Oh, and J sleeps out here with us too.  Cause he wants feeding of course.  We manage to keep it out of everyone’s hair, and I don’t get sick again, but feel pretty awful and weak.   But it has them both terribly freaked out.  At some point, J throws up, but I only know because the blanket he’s laying on is really wet right by his face.

3 am: Sean returns to the room to let me know that he’s now terribly sick.  Fortunately he didn’t require a shower and has no hair to hold out of his face.

Repeat until 7 am, when I wake to feed J again and hear A crying from her room.  I go in and she is, of course, covered in poop that’s come out of her diaper.  So is her whole bed.  Time for everyone to be up.

On the bright side, everyone’s feeling better now.  And our cleaning lady comes tomorrow.  And J doesn’t appear to have been seriously ill.

On the not so bright side, wow, that was a lot of disgusting, I feel weak and dehydrated (sipping water) and exhausted, and I have a huge ton of laundry to do.  Washing everything.


2 Responses to “Saturday Night Stomach Evil”

  1. Deb Warren said

    oh wow. I’m so sorry you feel so bad!!! I hate it when those things make the run of our house. Hrm….do you have any gatorade or similar type stuff in the house, or do you or Sean feel ok enough to run and grab something like that (and some Lysol too) to help with the dehydration? It helps us, and sometimes the flavors help get the kids to drink more.
    Have you warned your cleaning lady? Maybe have her Lysol the place just to make sure there’s no more of the bug trying to hang on.

    Kinda wish I lived closer. I’d have swung by with a care basket in the form of drinks and soup. Soup may be easy on the tummies today.

    Feel better!!!

    • Lindsey said

      I wish you were my neighbor. Plus, we’d have fun.

      Will warn cleaning lady when she’s here tomorrow to be careful about what she touches. Everything’s a mess anyway. Thank god, because the house was gross even before we all got sick. I’m making a dent in laundry…

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