December 6, 2011

For a few hours at least after J’s hair gets washed, it’s fluffy and stands up like a baby duck.  The cute.  It kills me.

He did great with his first bottle tonight.  I’d been putting it off out of laziness, but was reminded (upon catching sight of the Infant I teacher, Miss Shirley, this morning), that when R started daycare she’d hardly touched a bottle, and she gave Miss Shirley hell about eating, every single time.  So figured we needed to give it a shot.  No problem!  He guzzled four ounces without blinking an eye.

(Eeek, four ounces… I usually start them at three.  Guess he’ll eat what’s there, and on the bright side, again, better pumping situation.)

He’s lifting his head up more frequently, usually to wind up whacking it back down against my shoulder.  Eyes open and baby awake more often.

In news about everyone else…

C: behavior’s been much better at school.  All on green with a stray day on yellow here and there.  She’s invited to her “best friend” Katie’s birthday party in a couple weeks and is excited about going to a wedding.  She wants to know if the bride will wear a “long white wedding hat”.  (Answer: I doubt it.)

For Christmas, she wants an Ultimate Princess Dream Castle.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Too much money, too much space, too many little pieces.  I will set up their castle tent and make it nice for them, and maybe let them have a slumber party downstairs in it.  But she also wants race cars (by which she’s referring to Cars).

I’m trying to restrain my natural controlliness and let her help take care of the baby.  She really wants to.  And while I know I can quiet him down better than she can, she is perfectly capable of re-pacifiering him and shusshing him, and sometimes that’s all he needs.  And it will be a help to Sean especially when I’m not home if she can do a few things for him.

R: Threw up again today in the car on the way home.  Seems to have been a fluke rather than a return to sickness, thank god.  She seems fine now.

A: Talk talk talk!  This morning she plopped down on the floor by me while I was changing J, and said, “HA FAAAAAAFE!”  I wasn’t sure what she meant until she reached out and gently smacked his hand.  High five indeed, kiddo.  Other new words include new colors, including brown and orange, and the shapes circle and triangle.   I also heard her identify a pig the other day, though she’s not doing animal noises yet.

She says every name in our family except C’s, including the dog and cat.  Not sure if this is because it’s too hard?  She’s had an easy version of R’s name forever now.


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