December 9, 2011

Back in our NC apartment days, I was once up later than Sean.  Can’t remember why.  Around about midnight, though, he came wandering out of his room.

“Hey, honey.”

No response.  He went into the kitchen and opened up the dishwasher.

“Honey?  You want a drink of water?” I asked.

“No.  Not thirsty.”

I then watched him stand there in front of the dishwasher, in the dark, contemplating it.  He stood there for a long time.  I finally went over, shook his arm.  “HEY!”

He turned around to me.


He looked really confused.  “I’m thirsty.  Getting a drink of water.”

What this had to do with the dishwasher, the world may never know.

I only mention this because tonight, as is per usual on a Friday night, I let the girls fall asleep in our bed watching a movie.  (Apparently last weekend’s pukefest in our room didn’t teach me a lesson.)  Just now, I went to get them out so I could go to bed.  Since they’re now in a bunk bed, I can’t carry C to bed like I used to, so I shake her awake and walk her there.  She didn’t head to bed, though.  She headed into the office and proceeded to try and climb into a full toy box.

“Honey?  What are you doing?”

Totally blank look.  I had to haul her out and steer her to Sean for a kiss, then to bed.  She kept wandering in different directions.


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