Fussy Kid Is Fussy

December 12, 2011

J was a piece of work today.  Agitated.  Wanted to eat, didn’t want to eat, wanted to be held, passed out, I’d put him down and he’d pop right back awake.  Lots of the gassy-type, needing to poop action.  Swaddled or no.

I’ve taken to using the gas drops for him like I did for A when she was tiny… a little drop and he’ll pause crying and swallow, which is the opportunity to pop in the tootsie.  So possibly the gas drops are helping the gas, but they’re definitely making him pause enough to settle.  But yeah, rough day for the baby.

He’s sleeping decently at night.  Last night from 10-1230, 1230-330, and then 415 or so he woke up and didn’t want to go back down on his own.  He goes down just fine in the cradle and doesn’t join me in bed until much later in the night, 3-4 am until morning.  Happy medium, works for me.  Plus, he’s cuddly.

He is FINALLY settled down now, just in the last twenty minutes… this is not going to be conducive to my plans to start working from home asap if he continues this behavior.


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