December 13, 2011

So, last week I asked my office if I could return a week late.  Turns out the answer was…. can you come back a week early, but work full-time from home?  We can get you a laptop.


The money is VERY helpful and I love the idea of doing some work from home.  Plus, this makes it easy for me to be here while they do the bathroom work.

So, after a week of paperwork and tech stuff, I returned to work full-time this morning.  WOW, it feels good to use my brain again, though I feel rusty and sort of dumb.  I know in the past, when coming back from leave, it’s been like I’ve never left… but that’s going straight to the office, and that’s at my old job.  I do harder stuff at this job with a lot more independence.

But things are moving along.  Had a really good day today- worked til the girls came home at 4, then worked again from 930-11 or so.


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