December 14, 2011

Four kids… and it took until now for one of them to fixate on a comfort object.  It’s A, and the object in question is a purple fleece blanket I bought her at Target a year and a half ago for her first Easter basket, when she was five months old or so.  She’s gotten attached to it in the past few months, possibly because of her obsession with “pop-ell!”  She wants to take it out of bed with her every morning, so I let her… fortunately, she’s good about leaving it upstairs, where I pitch it back into her crib.

(Side note: 2, in our house, is late to still be in a crib.  The other girls went at about 18 months.  Circumstance.)

Anyway, kid is a good sleeper, so when she, like tonight, starts crying, i go right in there.  Happens MAYBE once every two months.  Tonight, I went and got her when she cried.  She came to me, holding her purple blanket.  She is currently curled up on the floor 10 feet away, which is where she wanted to be for whatever reason.

Is it unusual?  Two whole kids and no particular comfort items?  They have fleeting favorite stuffed animals/dolls, but no fixations.  A is a bit different with this blanket.  Need to buy a couple other purple fleece blankets of the same size to rotate in, probably.


One Response to “Blankie”

  1. Deb Warren said

    I don’t know. I don’t think Jay ever really had a comfort item iirc, but Autumn has had Monkey since she was a baby and still sleeps with him. In fact, she wants him when she’s sick or traveling too.
    My sister didn’t really have one untill 5th grade when she got a stuffie from her favorite teacher (he thought her end of the year party was a birthday party and gave her a stuffed dog. She named it after him), and I used to have a blanket from when I was tiny, but Paul made me finally get rid of it. (the big meanie, lol)
    I don’t see it as a big deal, because it’s something that’s outgrown eventually, and is a nice memory to have (Cheryl still has Wilbur, but he sits with a couple of other cherished memories in a special place that’s put up. She doesn’t have him out all the time anymore), and they can be taken out and given a “bath” when needed. Autumn will substitute Monkey for someone else when he’s having his bath (or mom forgot about it, which happens), but that substitute always goes back in the net when he’s done and dry again.

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