Impressions of J, and a C crush

December 14, 2011

He’s six weeks old today.  Where does time go?

I remember his first night he kept twitching his mouth to the side.  I told Sean about it.

Me: “It’s like a side twitch.  Like…” (about to say “Elvis”)

Sean: “Like LORE?”

Me: “YES!”

My baby is Lore.  He hasn’t continued to twitch to the side, but yeah, Lore baby is Lore.  And if you don’t know Lore, I’m not teaching you.

In other news.  Our tile guy for the bathrooms has a four-year-old son, who came with him on his last visit before he started.  (He very nicely asked my permission, and as I have no problem with four year olds, I said fine.)  Said son, Aidan, made QUITE an impression on C, who announced to me after his visit that she was going to marry him.  (I asked her what Riley at school would say.  She wasn’t worried.  Tonight, she went right up to the tile guy and asked him where Aidan was, which was very bold for her.  She REALLY liked Aidan.)



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