Baby Smiles

December 17, 2011

We saw a couple more this morning.  I will go through hell and high water to see a 6-week-old baby smile.  It’s the best thing in the world, at least until they start laughing.

C and R have started to play restaurant, where one stands behind a low shelf and serves to the other, who then takes blocks on trays to a table.  R is usually the cook and C is the waitress.  Their customers heavily favor candy, cookies, and cake for their dinners.

C: “What does the customer want?”

R: “I meeeeeean*…. cookies!”

C: “Here’s some cookies for your customer!”

R takes the tray, sets it down, and comes back.

R: ‘The customer want cake, but she a bad girl.”

C: “Here…. wait!  Now go sit them at their seat.”

R: “She need a time out.”

I’ve been working with the two of them a lot on organization, as in putting like items together when cleaning up.  They’re capable but it takes a lot more nagging on my part.

In other news, J is glued to me a lot of the time.  He did NOT want me to set him down this morning, when all I wanted to do was drink coffee for a few minutes with an empty lap.  So right now, I took the step of setting him on a blanket on the floor and letting the girls entertain him, which consists of singing “Itsy Bitsy  Spider” and hugging him repeatedly.  They’re about eight feet from where I sit right now typing this, and J’s not crying, so it seems to be working out.  Fussing sporadically, but that’s fine.  I need to be able to trust them around him, not to squish or hurt him, and to help out entertaining him, especially at this age where he can’t do much to entertain himself.

All three of them are crowded around him.  Man, do they ever like him a lot.  They like being able to touch him freely even more.  I’ve been pretty limiting with that but everyone’s healthy right now and he doesn’t seem to mind, so… I’d even let C pick him up once he’s got a bit better head control.  Even A’s being pretty gentle and careful.  I’m pretty comfortable that he’s big enough now that he’d be okay if one of them fell on him.

Oh yes, head control.  He’s getting it.  He likes to pick up his head and flop it around when I’m burping him.  Then he loses it and bangs his head into my shoulder.


*”I meeeeeeeean…” is a recent verbal convention of hers.  It’s pretty dang cute.  She says it when she’s trying to decide what to say next.

R: “Mommy?”

Me: ‘Yes?”

R: “I meeeeeeeean…. I love you!”

(Just looking for a reason to talk.)  She’s been doing it at school too.

Miss Denise: “What’s the first letter in your name?”

R: “I meeeeeean, R.”


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