December 18, 2011

The obstetrician who delivered all four of the kids was married tonight, and we went.  It was great.

1) A didn’t go.  I don’t trust her out on a Saturday night without falling apart and melting down.  Very fortunately and coincidentally, her godmother lives less than ten minutes from the wedding site (also our OB’s house).  So A got dropped off there and had a fantastic time… pizza, cookies, hugs, etc.

2) Fabulously, there was a kids room downstairs with babysitters, kids food and crafts.  C and R had a fabulous time.  Thanks to Aimee, friend of the bride, for helping me get the crew downstairs.

3) Catherine greeted the bride, who delivered her, with, “Your dress is pretty.  I’ll be at your next wedding.”

4) The crab dip and edamame hummus were outstanding.

5) I came out of it with two new facebook friends- one of the nurses at the practice who I’d seen a number of times and a doctor from the hospital where C and A were seen, who also knows my friend Sarah, who possibly saw C when she had jaundice.  She’s glad to talk to my sister, who’s being recruited by the hospital.

6) Good times!  I felt like there were a zillion people there I knew, including at least one nurse who helped me birth and one nurse who was wonderful to me when preemie R was at the hospital.  Lots of people who looked FAMILIAR…some through the OB practice and some just in general.  Doctors and lawyers know one another and wouldn’t surprise me if I knew a lot of the people wandering around there through work.

7) I met a super nice doc who can talk to my sister, a doc who’s looking at coming to our area.  Small world- she knows the guy who’s recruiting my sister.

8) C/R’s behavior was exemplary.  I was so pleased.



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