My Kids Are Probably Not The Kardashians

December 19, 2011

Despite the fact that I have three girls and a boy, and they have 50% lawyer genes, probably not.  I’m not having two more girls, Sean is not planning heavy plastic surgery, and we lack Armenian heritage.  (We’re really, really white.  I envy folks who can tan.)

But seriously.  While baby-feeding during the day lately, I’ve been seeing their shows on E!  I feel compelled to give commentary:

  • Khloe is the only one of the three sisters I don’t hate.  I wonder if this is because she’s a bit more unusual looking than her sisters… as a consequence she developed more personality?  Not to say a super-pretty girl can’t have personality, but Kourtney and Kim are just ugh.
  • Also, I find Khloe more attractive than either of them anyway.  I don’t dig generic pretty in a girl.  I like unusual pretty.
  • Mason has the same puzzle my parents bought A for her birthday.  It’s her favorite.  He was doing the same thing where he’d pick up a piece and go “OOOOOO!” for oval.  Mason’s cute.  He’s just A’s age as well.
  • Kris is fine.  (Cute, too).  I don’t blame him for being pissed that Kim insists he stay in New York and do party stuff.  He’s got a job and he needs to work out without insanity in the house.  She’s going on about how she wanted kids by 30…. partying all night in New York really isn’t compatible with that.  The Minnesota situation looked MUCH nicer to me.
  • Then again, I’m not a party girl.
  • Then again, even if you are a party girl, you’re 30, not 19.
  • Same goes for you, Kourtney and Scott.  Calm it down, both of you.  You have a kid!
  • Scott’s a mess.  Kourtney’s not handling it well though.
  • Where’s Rob?  I like Rob from Dancing With the Stars.  How about Rob and Khloe go take a place?  Oh right, they wouldn’t, because Khloe puts living with her husband above partying on the scale and Rob… seems more sensible than that.
  • I hope Kris gets his annulment.  Just because Kim sucks.
  • I am surprisingly impressed that they have baby gates in their swank pad.  That said, those look like fairly safe stairs, curved and everything.  A could handle those no problem.

5 Responses to “My Kids Are Probably Not The Kardashians”

  1. Deb Warren said

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you didn’t see the E! news that Kim and Kris got divorced after 72 days of marriage? Not that I follow them….but I just couldn’t avoid the stupid stuff. I think the whole darn family are rediculous.
    Also, have you seen the “Christmas Card” they put out? OY!

  2. Moober said

    Rob lives with Khloe and Lamar…or at least he used to. Not sure if he finally grew up and got his own place or not or if he stayed in LA while they moved to Dallas after Lamar was traded.

    And as much as I dislike all of them, I’m with you, Khloe is my favorite. Their voices are all so nasal and whiny it’s hard to listen to any of them for very long.

  3. Moober said

    Again, from the very little I’ve seen of the show, he seems like it. But he’s never in it very much. And he mumbles a lot, and I HATE that.

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