Ritzy Malls vs. Boobs

December 22, 2011


Yeah.  I’m with the mall.  I have breastfed AT THIS EXACT MALL before and no one said a word to me.  Because I sat down and did it discreetly.  Sometimes I wear a cover, sometimes I throw a jacket over the baby’s face, sometimes I just face the wall.  No one’s ever said one word to me anywhere about nursing in public, and I’ve done a lot of it.  The most I’ve ever gotten is a smile from a mom.

It’s wrong for the one guard to say nursing in public isn’t allowed at the mall, but he was probably just befuzzled and didn’t know what else to say.  I agree here that the mall didn’t need to allow a flash mob breastfeeding protest.  That’s ridiculous.  You want to nurse, nurse.  If you’re making a political point out of it, it’s no longer about feeding your baby, it’s a protest.


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