Christmas In Review

December 25, 2011

Big hits:

  • Pillow pets, from great-aunt Shelly and great-uncle Hal (MY aunt and uncle).  R got the unicorn, C got the ladybug, A got the butterfly.  A was particularly thrilled and kept flinging herself to the ground on top of it.  Oh, and I was so impressed with their squishiness I went and ordered my own to keep on the couch for TV watching and naps.  It’s an octopus in a Red Wings jersey.  MY pillow pet!
  • The Barbie princess charm school, bought for the princesses to play in.
  • The Disney princess collection- 7 dolls.  Tiana, Rapunzel, and Snow White are C’s.  Cinderella, Jasmine, and Ariel are R’s.  Belle is for A.  There was actually no arguing in deciding this.  Easy.  They all have inner-thigh tattoos of initials now.  We confiscated all crowns and shoes.  We weren’t going to spring for this and bought a couple individual princess dolls, but then I saw them half off at Target two days ago.  We kept the individual dolls for birthday gifts.
  • The big princess coloring books.  C laid on the floor for an hour this morning coloring in hers.
  • The Melissa and Doug puzzle that Sean’s parents bought A- it’s a number version of her favorite alphabet puzzle.

Not really missed:

  • The ridiculous expensive Ultimate Princess Dream Castle C kept telling Daddy she wanted.  (Didn’t mention it to me.)


  • C wanted R’s superhero cape.  We’ll get her one for her birthday.  In the meantime, C got some running stuff (little toddler Champion shirts!) and will get to get running shoes to run with me.

We liked:

  • The Zhu Zhu pets.  Sean and I were both pleasantly surprised by how durable and non-annoying they were.  We got a few for them.
  • The Red Wings jersey Great-Nana sent for J.  It was my favorite thing anyone got him.

I got:

  • The vixen necklace I picked out for myself off Etsy.
  • New running shoes.
  • A set of tupperware we bought for Sean’s parents, we bought two but they only wanted one… so I kept the other.
  • A pillow pet.
  • A breast pump adapter I ordered today.
  • A newly tiled bathroom.
  • Nightgowns from my parents.

Everyone was pretty good.  We stayed in today and just hung out after Sean’s parents left… everyone’s been tired. C/R didn’t nap, they played in their room, but everyone else did.  A was SO THRILLED to take her pillow pet to bed.  2-year-old still in a crib (yeah, we need to set up a bed…) never had a pillow until now.  I’m a deficient mom.  But oh well, she’ll have a nice bed with brand new Dora sheets very soon.


3 Responses to “Christmas In Review”

  1. LB said

    Melanie got a unicorn pillow pet! She also got a unicorn Happy Napper.

  2. LB said

    The Happy Napper pillow is a house/castle, and when you unzip the door, the pet comes out. And then you can tuck the house into the pet’s butt. It’s very elaborate.

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