Happy A Survived Day!

December 26, 2011

Two years ago today, the worst moment of my life happened when my 3-week-old baby stopped breathing in the ER, and I honestly thought she was going to die.

And the luckiest moment of my life happened, because it happened in the ER, and when a doctor was leaning over her, and they were able to do CPR until they intubated her and do it before any brain damage occurred from lack of oxygen.

At least, I’m assuming no brain damage.  She’s curre            *ntly standing about 5 feet away with a puzzle, picking up pieces and yelling “POOPLE!  Diiiii! [diamond] El-LO! [yellow] Ooo-a! [either oval or orange] Yaaaaa! [square.  Trust me.]  Cook-al! [circle]”  Clearly, the concepts of color and shape are interchangeable, but I think she’s doing all right.

She woke at 845 this morning, SCREAMING from down the hall.  When I went into her room, she was clearly distraught because her favorite purple blanket was on the floor and she couldn’t reach it from her crib.  So I grabbed her and put her on the floor, where she grabbed the blanket and proceeded to continue screaming “Pa-pe!” because now the pillow pet in her crib was o,,,,  jbkuji0ui98op09oi  m,nnk*ut of reach, and damn it… she wanted BOTH.

A is awesome[]\]][[[*  She may even be getting back to liking me now that she’s 2.  More cuddly recently.  More interested in her little brother.

Breathes well.


*Contributions to this article came from A.  In honor of A Survived Day, I let them stand.


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