I Maybe Have It Together?

December 26, 2011

  • Girls’ sheets and blankets in car
  • Work laptop in car
  • Bananas on counter so I don’t forget them
  • Bottle labels made and put on bottles
  • Milk thawed, bottles made Nothing to carry them in, crap- need to find a new insulated bag
  • Pump and all pump accessories in car
  • J’s stuff put in drawer and labeled
  • J “instructions” written for daycare.  I’m not too picky but he gets fussy and I wanted to give them some clues on how to settle him best.
  • Breakfasts made for work for the week, packed
  • Lunch made for tomorrow, packed
  • First day of half-marathon training- 3 mile run
  • Cried over leaving my baby for the first time
  • Laundry done
  • Makeup bag cleaned out to put in car
  • Bouncy seat in bathroom so J can sit in it while I shower
  • Clothes for J for tomorrow in our room so I don’t have to wake A to get him dressed

I am stressy and sad and sure I’ll feel better once I’m at the office working, but for now… he was smiling in his sleep earlier!


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