First Day Back

December 27, 2011

Began with C throwing up.  One-time fluke, but messy, and now we’re having to wash a zillion linens.

Got everyone out the door okay, but A pitched a tantrum about leaving her blanket and pillow pet.  So THIS is what it’s like to have a 2yo with a security object.  FUN.

No traffic.  Gloomy but warm.

I did NOT get any more than a tiny bit teary at the day care.  Thank god for how good I feel about Miss Shirley and how much I know the other kids really, really loved her.

J ate his 5 bottles x 3 oz.  Seemed the right amount.  Also happened to be almost exactly what I pumped.

Pumping in my office (I still think my “new office” though it’s been almost a year) felt… almost luxurious.  Space!  Light!  My computer!  Everything within reach!  My phone!  A locked door!  No disapproving glances!  After three kids worth of pumping at my old job, this was AMAZING.

I got flowers!  Lilies (which aren’t open yet, and I can’t wait to see what color) in a bright pink vase from Sean and the kids.  I got all teary, again.  They called me supermom.

Work was work.  I felt a little stupid.

Picked a good week to come back.  It was dead there and likely will be all week, so many people on vacation… nothing new to do, just catching up.  Go to court tomorrow on a likely easy one.

I think J missed me, though I try not to dwell on it… he chilled out soon after I got home.  Sweet thing!


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