Sleepy Baby Boy

January 1, 2012

Joe’s been sleepy today.  LOTS of sleep.  Lots of napping.  This is nice for getting things done but mildly concerns me both about his health and that he’ll be up all night.

He is a little sniffly, though not enough to really worry me.  Need to remember to aim vaporizer at his cradle tonight.

I also have been full of milk all day, more so than usual.  Thought he wasn’t eating much since he was doing a lot of popping on and off while nursing (due to sniffly nose?)  So since I was so full before feeding, after this last nursing, I went and pumped… turns out he’s been tricky and actually eating way more than I think, since I could hardly pump a thing.  Speedy eater.

He’s flopped over the Boppy right now, passed out.  So cute.  Holding his head up more and more, and we got another couple smiles out of him today.


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