Joe at 8.5 weeks

January 3, 2012

That’s 2 months, 1 day for everyone counting.

12 pounds, 6 oz.

23.5 inches long.

16 inch head circumference.

Very brave boy for his shots.  All the nurses were impressed by how pudgy and adorable he’s getting.  There was another baby boy, very cute, in the waiting room just his size six days younger.  Mine’s cuter, though.

He has a sniffle.  And he’s fussy per shots.  Poor guy.  Tonight I put him down in the cradle in our bedroom, where I’d usually keep him out here with us.  He seemed to need quieter and darker than usual, I had an awful time calming him down after bathtime.  I’ve got the vaporizer aimed at his cradle.  Helpful to us too… it feels so dry right now.

I drove through some snow on the way home.  I hate the winter.


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