Plotting Out My Morning

January 3, 2012

Bear with me.  Notes for myself.  I have to go on the road tomorrow for work and appear at various courthouses, and I think my first one is at such a time that I can work out in the morning, but I have to work backwards.  After I type this up, I’ll flip the order of the steps and have a nice schedule.

As long as I’m up and have Joe well fed by 615, I should be able to fit in the workout.  It puts my daycare dropoff a shade early, but no big deal.  Since I’m going to work out, I won’t need to shower before I leave in the morning- just feed baby and get my workout clothes on, then move everyone else out the door.  Joe’s bottles, diapers for A, both needed and already downstairs.  Kids dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, in jackets… yeah, I can do that all in a half hour.

645: Need to leave home for daycare for dropoff.

710: Need to leave daycare to come back home.

720: Need to be on the treadmill to do three miles at speed before 8.  The only possible flaw in this plan is my tendency to have a lot of milk in the morning.  Oh well, I’ll suck it up and wear a good sports bra.  Tomorrow I get to go fast!  (Note to self: leaving ipod on treadmill right now.)

8: Need to hit the shower to get ready to leave by 830.  Shower, dress, all my stuff will pretty much be ready to go.  Kids will already be gone with their stuff.  Lunch is already at my office (in my awesome mini-fridge, woo!)  Breast pump bag packed and bottles and ice pack (since I’ll be out and about) ready to go, just need to grab bag out of freezer.  Work stuff already in car.

830: Need to leave for Norfolk CC.  An hour should be more than enough with light traffic (people still on vacations) and it being closer than work, not to mention 830 is the tail end of rush hour through the tunnels.

930: Norfolk CC.  If I get there early I can pump in the parking lot; if not, then I can pump before my next appointment, should be TONS of time then.


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