Parenting Disillusionment

January 9, 2012

Usually I’m pretty self-confident about my parenting and feel pretty good about it and that I’m doing it right.  I feel like I’m good at it.

Not this weekend.  A was hell on wheels and tore through everything, C/R were defiant and sneaky, and J was just high-maintenance.  C especially bothered me.  She was deliberately disobeying me with no good reason.  I don’t even want to go into examples.  I was horribly frustrated and angry and I just had no consequence on any of it.

I see why people hit their kids sometimes.  I don’t do it (though I’m not AGAINST the idea in any major way, it’s not for me), but I see where you just have no consequences left.  ARGH.

That would be ridiculous and mean though and I like to think I’m bigger than that.  (Not too big to think about it.)

I felt a little better today talking to my paralegal Laura.  I would love it if she lived next door.  She’s exactly my age and has three daughters ages 3-5.  Basically, they’re C, R, and A but a year ahead.  I ranted to her about this weekend, and she said I could be talking about her own house… described a few of her own incidents and they were exactly the same.  All of it, right down to the obsession with treats and the sneaky stuff.  So at least it’s normal for the age (or Laura and I suck at mothering in exactly the same way).

Frustrating frustrating frustrating.  My mom will be here tomorrow though for a visit.  She thinks she can fix it.  Have at it, mom… or at least I’ll be terribly grateful to REST a little for a few days with an extra hand on the girls and Joe.

Who is maybe getting interested in sucking his thumb?  He’s almost the age C was where she found hers, Sean’s caught him at it a few times, and I keep seeing his hands in his face.  We had to buy him a larger swaddle.  Big-butt baby grew out of the little one- he’s in the one for 14-22 lbs.  A needed to use one of those as well- C/R were out of swaddles, or at least their arms were, before they outgrew.

He’s the sweetest little thing.


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