I Disapprove of This Nonsense

January 15, 2012

This morning, about 6 am, Joe woke up.  Nursed.  Then wouldn’t settle back down.  Kick kick flail the arms grunt, sniff, wanting to eat but then letting go and flailing his little bobblehead around.  He’s gassy and needs to poop.  ARGH.

Finally gave up and here I am with him in what we call the “butt jiggle” seat.  This calmed him.  And he pooped.  I haven’t changed him yet.  Delinquent mom.

Mom’s here for the week and took R/C out to buy donuts.  Awesome.  Sean and I are going to take Joe to church to finally meet his namesake, the legendary Father Joe, and we may take C too… I haven’t decided.  She probably won’t want to leave Nana, but I think it might be good for her to come on her own without her incredibly distracting sisters.


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