January 16, 2012

AAAAAAH!  I cut my oldest daughters’ hair.  A lot.

I’ve rarely touched it since they were born.  C’s is thick and almost to her waist, R’s is much finer and to mid-back.  They both stopped curling/waving from length and weight a long time ago.  I don’t have any particular passion for long hair, but I always wished I had it as a kid and they always seemed happy with it that way, and I’m too cheap to take a kid to a salon, and too timid to cut too much myself, so it grew and grew.  Every few months, I’d trim an inch or two, especially from C’s.

Recently, though, it’s been trim time again.  They both keep getting stuff in it.  UGH.  And when I did C’s cut today, both my mom and Sean started peer pressuring me to cut more than normal.  So I asked C.  Do you want a big haircut, a medium haircut, or a small haircut.

She said medium.  Wise choice.  So I went for it.  (“Big” would have been to shoulders.  “Small” would have been the usual 1-2 inch trim.  “Medium” was about six inches.)  I think I did a pretty nice job.  It’s still a bit below her shoulders but looks neat and sleek and kinda like mine.  R then asked for a medium haircut too and got about the same treatment, though in her case it was less extreme.

I took them both out back to throw their hair over the back fence so birds could find it and make nests with it.  That’s going to make some nice big blond/brown hair nests for some lucky baby birds come spring.

EEK!  They look different to me!  More grown up.  Oh well, still cute, and they’re still them.  (As Sean says, they still have their superpowers).


2 Responses to “Haircuts”

  1. asl said

    remember the pictures from my 6yr old’s haircut? 13 inches. seriously. she gave it to locks of love. which i hear is expensive to purchase from since it’s human hair instead of synthetic, but whatever. she is such a generous child. i couldn’t bear just tossing it. she’s grown it since birth with the exception of a few trims. it’s short now. too short, but it grows fast and we’ll keep it shoulder length -ish from here. and i’m not too cheap to have the salon do it. she does mine, my mother’s, and sometimes my father’s. and she did the locks of love cut for free since it was donation.

    • The girls’s cuts weren’t quite long enough for anything like that. And I freely admit I’m a weirdo about salons, I go back and forth between happily paying someone to do a nice cut and cutting my own (which I’ve done the last few times). You’d think I’d learn, but since as I get older my hair is getting wavier, I just get more tempted to do my own.

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