January 16, 2012

They’re getting better.  Like, really good better.  I seriously did not think that by two months postpartum I’d be feeling better about running than I did before I got pregnant, but there you have it.  I took the plunge and signed up for the half-marathon and it’s in two months and I’m sure I’ll be ready.  I’m so excited to do it!

Since I got new shoes a month ago, my legs and feet feel fantastic.  No soreness.  A little tightness but seriously, my LEGS DON’T EVEN HURT!  They feel strong and, once I’m warmed up, it feels great to run and use them.  My cardio fitness is slowly creeping upward.  I’m starting Week 4 of my half-marathon training program and my biggest problem so far is finding time and timing running in between baby feedings.

If I need motivation to get off my ass, I look at Pinterest’s fitness board and read cheesy slogans.  I listen to running podcasts.  I listen to Jillian.  I read Runners’ World.  Just getting it in my head helps a ton and makes me feel super cool.  I talk about running on Facebook and all my friends who do it cheer me on.  I need that.

When I finish a run I feel like I could go out and conquer the world.

I’m down to a weight about 3-5 pounds lower than I was when I got pregnant with Joe.  That puts me about 3-5 pounds over where I was when I got pregnant with A, and about 8-10 over where I was when I got pregnant with R/C.  That last number (130, if you’re really curious) is what I’d like to be again.  It’s a good setpoint for me.  I’m vaguely curious as to whether I could lose 5 pounds past that (no more!) but that’s not a huge concern.  Actually, none of it is.  It’s just nice to have essentially all my clothes fitting me again.

I’m eating more or less well.  I am fantastically healthy during the week and go a little over on the weekends.  Two steps forward, one step back… hey, it’s working.  I’m losing about a pound a week.  If I stay at this rate, I’ll be at 130 about when I run my half-marathon.

It’s helping a ton that Sean’s eating well with me AND that he’s started Couch to 5K.  I’m so proud of him- he hasn’t done almost any purposeful exercise… essentially since we’ve been dating.  I’d love him to get into good shape.  It’s been five years since he quit smoking.  SO PROUD!


2 Responses to “Workouts”

  1. JL said

    So awesome. I’m working on getting back to 130 myself and don’t have 4 kids to worry about. Work, travel and, ironically, sports seem to keep getting in the way of maintaining my regular workouts. I’m very impressed that you are going to do a half. I think I’m shooting for a 10k. Even though I like running 3-4 times a week I get super bored after 6 miles and on days that I lift I usually don’t run more than 3 miles.
    Don’t worry too much about cheating on the weekends. I find it actually helps my metabolism and it really helps my motivation 🙂

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