This Week Is Fired. Mostly.

January 19, 2012

I’m dead tired.  Work’s been just insanely stressful- not because of any particular thing but because of just sheer volume.

Still fighting a cold.  Should have gone to bed early last night but ran instead.  Skipping my run tonight.  Sort of afraid that means then I’ll start making excuses to not run but really, I need to take it easy tonight.  I’m cranky and exhausted and somewhat sick.  And hungry.

So…. here’s the plan.

1) Good dinner tonight of leftover spaghetti.  Drank a ton of water.

2) Theraflu and Popchips to round out what I need to eat for the day

3) Girls in bed early because of poor poor behavior.

4) Tidying up

5) Good night’s sleep.

6) Take on tomorrow like it’s my job. (It is, but big time.) Get the kids off quick and easily so I can come home and tidy a bit more for 20 min or so in the house alone.  Not just to tidy, but because it really makes me feel good to do that as a start to the day.  I miss that from before Joe came.

7) Get everything caught up at work.  Really.  Everything.  Keep my door mostly shut all day to minimize interruption.

8) FRIDAY NIGHT!  And be healthy by then and well rested.


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