Wet Nursing

January 25, 2012


Thought this was an interesting one.  Thoughts?

I actually think it’s pretty cool.  Cross-nursing doesn’t squick me out, though I’ve never had occasion to do it… if I had, say, a neighbor friend I was close with who had a baby around the sameish age as mine and we traded off taking care of each other’s kids here and there, it wouldn’t bother me to trade off nursing.  (I don’t think.  This is sort of a moot point since I don’t know any of my neighbors.)

And if I were fabulously wealthy and couldn’t produce breastmilk, I think it would be neato to have this as an option.  I’d maybe be bothered by some aspects of it (jealous of the cuddle time) but if I were fabulously wealthy, I wouldn’t work, so I guess I could hold the baby the rest of the time.

It’s a profession with a loooooong history.  Neat to see this still goes on.


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