Dancing Old School

January 27, 2012

I found Season 4 reruns of Dancing With the Stars on Game Show Network tonight.  Never watched reruns of this before.  Thoughts:

Who TF is “Shandi”? WHAT is a “Shandi!”?

I totally didn’t remember Ian Ziering was on this show, much less paired with Cheryl Burke.

Apolo Anton Ohno FTW.

No wonder Karina got all insano about hot male partners after she got paired with BILLY RAY CYRUS.

Carrie Ann, Bruno, and Len have changed NOT AT ALL.

I miss Samantha Harris, big time.  She’s pregnant during this season in her pretty maternity gowns!  She’s an idiot!  She’s bizarre and awkward!  I MISS HER!

Oh yes, and in odd coincidence news, I wound this up, went to Twitter before bedtime, and saw this link at the top of my friends feed: http://aroundthenetworks.com/abcs-celebrity-cast-dancing-stars-revealed-live-tuesday-february-28-good-morning-america/


2 Responses to “Dancing Old School”

  1. Deb Warren said

    I can’t wrap my head around you missing Samantha Harris. I just can’t.
    Apolo Ohno…oh yes. That is all.

    And please God, can we have a good cast this time? So that I may watch? Please? Pretty please?

    • Samantha was awkward and dumb as hell, but she was SO MUCH MORE entertaining than Brooke Burke, who’s just sort of a blank. Plus, I’m watching Season 3, where she had this very obvious gut for two episodes BEFORE announcing her pregnancy, LOL.

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