Not Sure Where To Go With This

January 27, 2012

So I’m cuddling A, and C says it’s her turn.  I tell her she can wait, I hardly ever get to cuddle A (moves too fast).

She responds by taking the picture she just brought me and holding it over the trash.  “I’m going to THROW THIS AWAY”.

Me: “Um, why?”

Her: “Because I’m mad at you.  I’m going to give it to Daddy and you’ll NEVER GET IT.”

Me: “Are you trying to hurt my feelings?”

Her: “YES!”

Me: “Um, ok.  So you want to make me cry?”

Her: “Yes.  That’s my feeling now.  I want to make you cry.”

Me: “Sorry to let you down.”  (continue to ignore)

A few minutes later, her: “Mommy!”

Me: “Sorry.  Not going to talk to a girl who wants to hurt my feelings.”

Her: “I want to HURT YOUR FEELINGS.”

Me: “Good luck with that.”

Sean: “C, time out for being mean. Five minutes on the chair in the hallway.”

She went, but is now sitting out there literally saying, “HHMPFH!  I don’t WANT DADDY to tell me what to do.  I HATE THIS!”

I’m not sure where to go with that.  Pretend to be upset to show her words hurt?  Ignore it so she doesn’t get attention for it?  (This is what I’m currently doing.)  But I can’t let that pass, can I?  Probably good Sean stepped in on it.

C: “HMPH!”


4 Responses to “Not Sure Where To Go With This”

  1. neefp said

    ignore – you don’t talk to them when they are on the chair

    • I didn’t. And when her time was up and I went to talk to her and she spilled big fat tears and said, ” I Need a CUDDLE NOW” I had a very hard time not cracking up. But I gave her a hug.

  2. Deb Warren said

    Sounds like you handled it just fine to me. If you’d have gone the other way, she’d have learned how to manipulate the situation. By not reinforcing the behavior, she knows she won’t get cuddles when she behaves that way, she gets the time out chair.

  3. neefp said

    You handled it perfectly – you are such a good mom.

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