Yes I Can

January 27, 2012

I got a sewing machine from my husband.  It was a request.  I have a bunch of projects I want to do and was convinced I could.  My Nana taught me to use one when I was about 10.  Easy, right?

Yeah.  Not quite as intuitive as I thought.  Either that, or Nana was a really good teacher.  I remember just sewing away happy as a clam, no problems.  Am I remembering right?  Cause it’s not that simple.

But I can do it.  If I can carry, birth, and raise four kids, cook without recipes, keep up a house, and defend crazy-person litigation… I can learn a sewing machine.  Every little thing, one step at a time.  ONE THING AT A TIME, even when it seems intimidating or overwhelming.

Tonight, I learned to wind the bobbin, thread the top of the machine (which I did a bunch of times), change the needle (because I, um, broke it twice.  need more needles.), and sew a relatively straight line.  I also started to get a sense of what I can sew and what I can’t.

For most people, it’s intimidating.  Too much to figure out, too far to get to where I want to be to be doing stuff.  But if doing my job has taught me anything, it’s that all I can do is one step at a time, and this was like, five steps, so damn good.  I may not feel comfortable trying to sew the pillow covers I want to sew, but I know more than I did earlier tonight, and next time I try I’ll pick up another trick or two, and so on, until I CAN.

And it really is a work thing.  When  I first started doing the job I do now, or a version of it, I was LOST.  It was a foreign language.  But I needed the job at the time, and had too much pride to admit I didn’t know what I was doing, so I just buckled down, listened, absorbed even the stuff I didn’t understand, and made a decision to learn, a tiny bit at a time, and do what I could and slowly chip away at what I couldn’t.  And now, I’m awesome at it.  Still learning all the time, more and more, but pretty awesome.  New tricks all the time, and I’m okay with everything I don’t know… but again, one step at a time, every day, and it adds up over time.

And that’s how I did running.  And that’s how I did parenting.  And that’s how I’m going to tackle sewing.  I could be frustrated right now because I broke two needles in my first try, but instead, I’m trying to look at what I figured out tonight that I didn’t know before.  (Or since I was 12.)  There are a few things.  And next time out… a few more.

Now, if only I had more free time for this stuff…


3 Responses to “Yes I Can”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Step 1- you already know. Take it slowly and at a pace you can manage.
    Step 2- yeah, get more needles, but make sure you get the right kind. So go to a sewing store (one that is about sewing, not Walmart or a crafty type store) and tell them you’re learning and broke some needles. Usually the people there have been sewing for a long time and know the ins and outs of the machines and can point you in the right direction. And maybe, just maybe you can get a lesson (most are only an hour or so, and with luck you can get Sean to watch the kids for the amount of time for the lesson).
    Step 3- you can check online for beginners tips. YouTube and so on should have all sorts of things you can check that can show you all of the tricks to your machine.

    If you lived in Florida, I could point you to several people who could give you lessons in just about anything you wanted to try, all while bringing the kids along to play, but I don’t know anyone in your neck of the woods. I had to have a refresher in my new machine, as I havent’ sewed in ages. I know enough to get some things done, but when it comes to household things, I dont’ know how handy I’ll be. Paul got me a beginner’s book that details a lot of crafts and breaks them down too, so if I can see where I put it, I’ll give you the title. We’ve kind of started to put things away due to moving.
    Good luck! But then you’re awesome, so I think you’ll get this easy peasy. Also, if you need, send me a PM, and I’ll hook you up with my sister. She’s always on her machines and can teach anyone anything.

  2. neefp said

    Lot’s of tutorials on You Tube. That’s how I learned how to make the beaded ladder bracelet.

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