Cradle Cap

January 28, 2012

You see it usually on the top of the forehead first.  Scaly yellow ick, and it feels scabby, and if you scratch gently with your nails it dissolves into a zillion flakes but won’t go away.  Ugh.  Poor baby.  Rachel had a BAD case (and blond, fine hair, so you could really see it) and now Joe’s got it.  So this is my cure developed with Rachel:

1) Place baby on towel on floor.

2) Pour olive oil onto baby’s head and massage into all affected areas.

3) Let baby marinate for a little while.  Joe’s currently kicking around on his towel happily- he loved the scalp massage.

4) Take baby in shower or bath.  Rub Lush Ocean Salt Scrub into affected areas, thoroughly, being careful not to get in baby’s eyes or scrub too hard.  Use it to get out all the olive oil, and it will help loosen the dead skin.  Use a washcloth.

5) Wash baby’s hair gently with just a tiny bit of Lush Soak and Float.  Carefully.

6) Rinse well.

7) Repeat a few times over the next few days.  Enjoy non-flaky baby.  This worked REALLY WELL for Rachel.  We’ll see how it goes for Joe.


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