Okay, So I Missed Something

January 29, 2012

I’ve always made much of the fact that I’m not worried about missing Big Firsts.  As a working mom, I’ve noticed that my kids take their first steps, roll over, say their first word, etc. all for us… not at daycare.

Until this week.  We missed one.  And I’m not at all disappointed about it.

A used the potty.


WOO!  I haven’t really worked on it at all at home.  A is REALLY REALLY BAD diaper-wise and she fights changes and has shown no interest in training, and quite honestly, I haven’t had energy to waste on it.  So if they can do the bulk of it at school, more power to them.  Over the last week, she’s started saying the word “potty” at home, and showing interest in sitting on it.  She only stays there for a moment, but she’s excited to sit there.

So if she’s starting to pee there at school and sit there at home… hopefully we’ll stay just a step behind school.  And I have no ownership over potty training.  IF they can do the work on this one… AWESOME.


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