3 am, People. 3 am.

January 31, 2012

3 am, about two nights in a row… J woke up and wouldn’t really go back to sleep.  Didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to cuddle, didn’t want to be put down.  Wanted me to hold him while he KICKED.

Oh yes.  J’s learned to use his legs to kick me and use his arms to flail just so that his hands CATCH IN MY HAIR.

Babies are so cute.

In other news, C: “Mommy, queens are so beautiful, and you’re the best queen of ALL!”

Current morning aggravation: R getting her seatbelt bound up.  She yanks on it while putting it on, it thinks we’re in a crash and… stops.  You have to put it all the way back in to get it out again, which is a problem when it’s looped into the carseat and in the far back of the minivan.  I get SO FRUSTRATED when we’re all ready to go, J is crying in his seat (which he usually does from the time I put it in until the time we’re moving down the road), and I hear “Mommy, I can’t get my seatbelt WAAAAAAAAAAAH!” and she puts her fingers in her mouth and drools on them and cries*.

I have gotten the two of them to mostly get themselves ready in the morning.  Like 90% on their own if I promise them a gummy vitamin if they’re ready before I am.

In A news, she’s very into facial features.  “Joe NOSE!  Joe MOUF!  Joe EAR! [which she thinks is the forehead, apparently]  Joe EYE! [she’s very careful to poke him in the upper cheek instead of the eye itself.  Good girl.]”

*This is one of the more annoying habits known to mankind.


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