Things I Have To Think About Every Evening

January 31, 2012

1) Work.  How far behind was I when I left at 5?  Do I need to open up the laptop and get stuff done tonight so as not to drown or drop any balls tomorrow?

2) Food for me and the kids.  And Sean, if possible, though sometimes he has to figure it out for himself.  Thank god he’s low maintenance.

3) Tuesday-Thursday nights- run.

4) Feeding Joe upon demand- usually when I get home, about 9-10 pm, and then late night.

5) Bath for me and for some proportion of the kids.

6) Getting the kids to clean up, and picking up all the random stuff that’s fallen during the day.  Clean kitchen.

7) Stuff for school: who needs diapers?  wipes?  A picture?  A flipping white t-shirt? A NEW KIND OF CRIB SHEET AFTER FIVE YEARS?  All must be set out so I don’t forget.  Though I take blankets, sheets, a check for the daycare, and any clean extra clothes every Monday

8) Set out bananas for tomorrow morning’s snack, or I WILL forget them or flip out on C when she reminds me.

9) Make sure I have lunch.  No problem for tomorrow, since I’m taking my new paralegal out for lunch, but most days.  Some days I take a couple days’ worth of lunch at once now that I have a fridge in my office.  I always take my lunch bag with my thermos in it for milk.

10) If I brought my pump home, make sure all pump parts are washed, replaced in pump bag, and pump bag set by bananas so I don’t forget it.

11) Bottles.  J is currently taking 4 3.5-oz bottles during the day and sometimes a 2 oz snack bottle for Sean when he gets home.  So five bottles prepped with new labels every evening.  Which need to be washed.  And put in a bag in the fridge next to my lunch bag.  SO I DON’T FORGET.

12) My coffee cup needs washing so it’s there in the morning.  That I won’t forget.  It’s my treat every morning when I walk out the door.  (After YEARS, by the way, I’ve re-trained myself to drink it black, as long as it’s a decent kind.)

13) Have some concept of what we’re having for dinner tomorrow and take stuff out of the freezer if needed.  Sometimes do prep.

14) Have my mild social life, called Facebook, for just a few minutes.  Write here sometimes.  Brag about what I ran and bask when people praise me, because it helps.  Seriously, it does.

15) Kiss my husband.  I need to do this more often.  God, though, I’ve got a lot of other crap to accomplish.


One Response to “Things I Have To Think About Every Evening”

  1. asl said

    wow. i can totally relate. until i stopped the craziness for myself. of course, i no longer have a newborn and (thank God!) do not have 4 kids (yet). it sounds like you’ve simplified all you can. i can’t see any other way to do it. however, you get lots of credit for running. many many moms don’t take care of themselves b/c they are so busy taking care of everyone else. my husband and i take 10-20 minutes when i get home and after dinner and just before bed (totalling 30-60 min) just to talk without kids. we literally stand in the garage if we have to. i call him during the day if he’s not having a busy day. that helps b/c when i feel connected to him, it makes it easier to get everything done at home. i also work from home saturday mornings while the kids are playing after breakfast and on sunday nights after dinner. i really try to protect my friday nights and not work. as much as i can sneak in during the week (like 5 or 15 minute intervals) i do so that i won’t have that to do on the weekend and can really spend time with the family -or blogging or responding to blogs or facebooking. like right now i should be doing case notes, not blogging… 🙂 hang in there! soon you won’t be nursing and that will relieve you of TONS of time.

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