I Hate You

February 8, 2012

So C and R were refusing to clean up and then started hitting one another, so I sent them into their room and told them to clean it up there and work it out, or bedtime.  I closed the door.  Usually that winds up in giggles, and they’ve both actually been pretty well-behaved lately.  Not tonight.

About 5 minutes later I hear one scream.  Then overly dramatic crying.  Then more of both.  So, given that it was 745 (early, but not ridiculously so), I went to the door and opened it.

Me: “Okay.  Bedtime.”

C: “But I have to go potty.”

Now before I tell the rest, let me preface this.  She didn’t.  I’d seen her go less than 20 minutes previously.  And I’ve seen this before.  “I have to go potty” is something she uses as a get-out-of-jail-free card to delay bedtime, time out, etc.  Because who can argue with having to go potty?  Yeah.  Me.  After the screaming and the dramatics, and the REALLY OBNOXIOUS TONE she said it in (“Aha, got one Mommy can’t argue with!  Ain’t I smart!”), I responded.

Me: “Nope.  Bedtime.”

C: [screamed at the top of her lungs] “BUT I NEED TO!”

Me: “Want a kiss good night?”

C: [screamed]

Me: “Okay, if you’re going to do that, I’m leaving.  Rachel, come lay down in our bed until Catherine’s done.”

C: [screaming louder, if possible] “I WANT TO GO IN YOUR BED!”

Me: “See you later.  When you calm down I’ll come give you a kiss.”


Me: [leaves room, closes door]

C: [from inside room] “I HATE YOU!”

Yeah.  That was the first time I ever heard that one.  Probably not the last.  It didn’t hurt as much as I would have guessed it would, mostly because she’d just been demanding a kiss and really, the whole thing was absolutely ridiculous and I was trying not to laugh.

Me: “See you later!”

C: [from inside room] “I want you QUIET YOU STUPID LADY!” [bloodcurdling screams x3] “I HAVE TO GO POTTY!  I WANT TO!”

I just walked away, because by then R had started screaming from our room.  (Seriously.  Everyone’s been good lately.  What was up tonight?)  Note: this was NOT distressed screaming.  It was ticked off screaming.  Sean went in and talked to her in a few and made her a deal that if she’d be quiet in her room for five minutes and came out and apologized for being mean to me, she could go potty.  She came out almost in tears.

C: “I’m so sorry I was mean [breaking down] PLEASE CAN I HAVE A HUG?”

I gave her one.  Though I did guilt trip her a little bit about hurting Mommy’s feelings.

R screamed for a few minutes and passed out cold.

A stayed up for another hour, pooped herself while I was running, then got wiped and had a delightful bath.  I also heard her babbling and suddenly realized she was counting to 10 in Spanish.  A rocks.  She wins for behavior tonight by far.


2 Responses to “I Hate You”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Am I a bad person for finding this a little humorous? In the I’ve-been-there-and-can-see-it-from-the-outside kind of humorous. Plus my imagination went to seeing A happily bopping along: lalala..poop…lalala bath, spanish…OHHAIMOMMY! SURPRISE!

    Yeah, I giggled just a bit. THough I wonder where C got the H word and the stupid bit from. Maybe daycare, they hear a lot of stuff that way, even when the teachers try to keep them from hearing it.

    Autumn hasnt’ said hate yet, but she told me she didn’t love me once (hurt like hell, and shocked me), then asked me for something later. I told her she said she didn’t love me and hurt my feelings, so why should I be nice and give her something? She was shocked and went away to think about it for about a minute. I can honestly say she’s never told me that again.

    Hopefully it’ll pass soon.

  2. neefp said

    I laughed a bit too. Can’t remember if either of my girls ever said they hated me – did they? I’m sure they thought it but said it? She probably did hear it at daycare and you need to tell her that we never ever say that to anyone, even if that’s how you feel, because it can really hurt feeling (plus you don’t want her to be a mean girl)

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