Kid Update

February 19, 2012

Catherine: reading more and more.  Birthday party coming up and she’s invited four friends- extremely excited.  She’s getting a Leappad.  We’ve invited Malayah, Jocelyn, Katie, and Madeline to the party (and Annabelle for Rachel).  She’s very into helping out as usual… just thrives on helping and cleaning and doing stuff if I ask her to.  Was on red twice this week, Miss Emily said the same thing I think… she doesn’t get sassy or defiant when not following directions, just acts dumb.  Pulled it together and finished well, though.

Rachel: has this sly sense of humor.  Getting smarter and more clever and starting to test me just like C has been doing for a while.

Alice: TALKING more and more, though if you’re not paying attention it sounds like babble.  I heard “open door” today along with a bunch of other short and indistinct phrases.  Catherine translates for her sometimes.  She can open a door, speaking of which, and doesn’t want to stay in her room.  It’s 11 pm currently and she’s lolling around the floor in here, then gets up and attacks the cat.  (The cat, oddly, loves kids this age.)  I keep putting her in bed and she keeps getting out.  We never had this issue with her sisters.  Will be buying a doorknob blocker device.

Joe: TEETHING.  Like his sisters, is starting this business early, though I doubt we’ll see any teeth for a few months.  But chewing his fists and drooling, as of this weekend, and fussing for “no reason”.  Has also slept swaddle-less or low-swaddle a few times this week quite nicely.  Cutie.  He’s not going to be a swaddle addict like A.  SMILEY!


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