February 21, 2012

Not Sean.

I don’t recall any major hair loss issues after C or R were born.

After A was born, yes.  I lost a lot of hair.  It happened right away.  I don’t remember the particulars, just that it happened.

This time, it’s happening again.  Only about three months delayed.  Over the last 2-3 weeks, I am shedding like CRAZY.  I’ve always been a big shedder, but this is insane.  After every shower when I wash my hair, I pick a giant clump off the drain.  All day long, I run my hands through my hair (normal habit for me) but come away with 8-10 strands every single time I do.  EVERY TIME.  Every few minutes!

I’ve been having dreams that I’m going bald.  (This is something like what happens if I sleep less than fully clothed in pajamas… I will inevitably dream I’m naked in front of people.)


2 Responses to “Bald”

  1. Fizzy said

    I had it pretty bad this time too. We used up a lot of draino. It finally seems to have stopped though, thank god. Now I have all this little short hairs mixed in with my normal length hairs.

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