Bleeping Doorknob Guard!

February 21, 2012

A learned how to open a doorknob this past weekend.  And with being able to do that, blow over a baby gate, and having a big girl bed… WHY SLEEP?

So, Sunday night, she simply didn’t go to bed.  Or really, didn’t stay there.  Up again and again and again.  We’d take her back and she’d get back up.  Didn’t want to sleep in our bed.  Didn’t want to sit quietly anywhere.  (The two big ones were flat out.)

Finally she crashed about 1230 am on the floor next to Sean’s side of the bed.

So yesterday, when Sean had the day off, he decided to nip it in the bud and went and bought a doorknob guard, like this:

Well, sort of like that, except with holes instead of squeezy parts.  An adult can put fingers through and turn the knob.  A kid cannot figure it out.  It’s sort of evil genius.  And Sean installed it right away, upon which Alice screamed for about a solid 45 minutes when being put to bed.  Then stopped for 3, then screamed for 5, then stopped for 4, then screamed for 10, and thereon.  Passed out eventually on her floor (Sean went in to check.)

It was sad but also ridiculously funny when she banged on the door yelling “open door! open door!”  Her speech still sounds indistinct if you’re not used to her, baby talk-y… but that was definitely it.  (I heard the same phrase when she didn’t want to be in the shower on Sunday morning.)

It’s all… OMG FREEDOM!  Then… HOW DARE THEY TAKE THIS FROM ME!?!?!?!?!  Then tonight… oh well.  Went to bed just fine and didn’t try to come back out.  Give it up.

Give it up?


3 Responses to “Bleeping Doorknob Guard!”

  1. Deb Warren said

    OMG, I was fine till I got to the bottom of the post….then I lost it and laughed my butt off.

    Now I’m going to have Rick Astley nightmares all night. Thanks. LMAO

  2. J said

    my 2 yo used to knock on the door (from inside her bedroom) and yell, COME IN.
    then this past week she figured out how to open the door and the past few nights i wake up to little hands tugging on my blankets. i asked hubby if we should get those doorknob guards and he answered, “if we get them, she’ll be SO MAD. and I’ll tell her it was mommy’s idea.”

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