2-year-pld talk

February 22, 2012

The 25 Words a Two-Year-Old Should Say

Eh.  A didn’t say all these by 2.  Actually, she still doesn’t have a lot of them.  For instance, she doesn’t say bath, hot, book, milk, or juice.  (She does drink fluids.  She calls them all “cup”.  Bath is “water”, though water you drink is still “cup”).

She does, however, say “open door”, count to ten in English and Spanish, sing grace, say the alphabet and identify letters, do shapes and colors and body parts, use potty vocab, and sort of has the Pledge of Allegiance down.  So word list be damned, I’m not worried about her.

C, at the time R was born when she was 17 months old, ONLY said “uh oh”.  That was it.  She picked up more by 2, but yep, that’s a late talker.  And good lord, there’s nothing wrong with her speech now.  I recall at her 2-year-old doctor appointment asking about words and being told as long as she could say 15-20 she was fine.  At that time, she could count to 10, so hey, there were 10 right there.

I think R was right on target with speech milestones though she’s always spoken less than either of her sisters; she used more words earlier.

“She adds that when helping late talkers build their language skills, it’s a good idea to focus on basic vocabulary. ”

Um…. as opposed to Shakespeare?



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