Celebrity Confusion, Part the Third

February 25, 2012

Robert DeNiro is not Al Pacino.

Danny DeVito is not Joe Pesci.

Bobby McFerrin sang “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, Bobby Brown did crack with Whitney Houston.

Wesley Snipes played Willie Mays Hayes in Major League and Dennis Haysbert played Pedro Serrano.  NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Laura Linney is not Laura Dern.

Alan Alda is not Adam Arkin.

Laura Kightlinger is not Laura Schlessinger.

Side note: I saw a side headline on the cover of this week’s People: ODD COUPLES!  For the example of an odd couple, there was a picture of Tom Cruise and Heather Locklear circa 1982.  How’s that odd?  I didn’t know they ever dated, but that sounds just about right to me, in 1982 anyway.


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