Fact About Me #11

February 25, 2012

I think babies with pierced ears are absolutely adorable.  Serious weakness for it.  That said, I won’t do it to my own kids because I want them to remember doing it like I do and for it to be a rite of passage sort of thing.  I’m waiting for them to ask, then I’ll make them wait for a little while.


2 Responses to “Fact About Me #11”

  1. asl said

    my oldest had hers pierced at a very young age and we suffered through the pre-tween (6-12) years where she didn’t want to wear them and we had to make her so the holes wouldn’t close. so, we let the next one decide on the timing of it all. actually, the oldest kind of coerced her younger sister into it. and i don’t regret how it happened except that it seemed so expensive!!

    anyway, while we were there, this other couple was having their baby’s ears pierced. it was sweet, they were so nervous. 🙂 this other lady with teenage daughters with her started screaming at this couple and telling them how horrible they were to do this to this baby “all in the name of beauty”. what??!?! the mother actually cried, but the piercing was already done. what a horrible thing for this woman to do to their memory!

    so, having done it both ways- do it for them as babies and wait for them -definitely do it when you are sure it’s the right thing for you and for your little one. i’m not sure that my younger daughter was old enough for the responsibility, but i liked that it was her choice.

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