Kid updates

March 7, 2012

Joe: 24.5 inches, 14.6 lbs at 4 months old (yesterday).  Was a pro at the doctor and, just like R, goes from normal to SCARLET RED in a tenth of a second upon getting a shot.  It’s almost comical.  Poor kid, though.  He’s starting to teethe, in pain early like C was, lots of hand-chewing and drooling.  VERY fussy for the last week or so for all of us, Sean, me, daycare… poor dude is just miserable and lots of screaming.  Tonight in the bathtub I just held him and let him float in the warm water on my tummy, screaming his fool head off for about 20 solid minutes, then he abruptly stopped and passed out cold (still out).

He came to work yesterday after the doctor and was a huge hit.  Good at the office.  Rotten (screaming) in the car between York and Gloucester county sales, though.  Poor guy.  I took him to vote in the GOP primary, during which he screamed and the volunteers of the Carrollton Baptist Church cooed at him and gave him an I Voted sticker.  He voted for Mitt Romney.

He’s been even more a lap baby than usual and wanted to sleep on me.  Cute, sweet, cuddly, but gives me a crick in my neck if for too long.  Still waking up 1-2 times at night.  I’m ready for some longer sleep.

Still taking usually only 3, sometimes 4 bottles during the day, 3.5 oz.  I’m having no trouble keeping up with him since I’m pumping an average of 15-18 a day.  Fine by me, I’d rather have too much.

Smiles.  Starting to giggle.  I’m pretty sure his eyes are darkening to the hazel green Sean’s are.  Love it.

Alice: Getting WAY more verbal.  Reads letters, does numbers, colors, body parts.  I’m waiting on animal noises, I feel like we should have them by now, but possibly she just enjoys seeing me do them.

Brought me a piece of plastic-wrapped string cheese yesterday and said, “Mommy, open door!”  She loves talking about open doors.  In the shower (unhappily) this weekend, that was her way of asking to get out.  “OPEN DOOR!”*

We discovered at school the other day her class has been doing the Cha Cha Slide and she ADORES it.  She anticipates the next move and jumps ahead in the song and sings along with “How low can you go”, “Everybody clap your hands”, “Criss cross!” and other parts.  I’ll also hear her quietly talking to herself with numbers, songs, etc.  In the tub, she’s suddenly gotten cool with me dipping her back to rinse her hair, rather than having water poured on it (way more efficient), and counts to come back up… in Spanish.  “Uno?  Dos?  Tres!”

Everything she says is in this inquisitive tone and sounds like it has a question mark or explanation point.

Rachel: Has gotten into a little more of a difficult phase, a little like the one Catherine was in last fall, though not as bad.  Does the same thing where she just “forgets” what she was doing.  In the morning with getting dressed… that in particular.  I’ve been threatening if she doesn’t get dressed to just take her to school in her pajamas, and I will.  (I’ll bring clothes for her to put on there, but I WILL.)  She borders on sassy sometimes (not something C was/is into).  Does the “I can’t DO IT!” business about things I know perfectly well she can do, like putting on clothes or buckling a seatbelt.

No, I don’t give in.

Catherine: is FIVE!  We did ravioli for birthday dinner, brownies that night, and this past weekend a pink Angry Birds donut cake and pizza with some friends- Madeline and Malayah, and Rachel’s friend Annabelle, along with the siblings, Grammy and Grandpa, K and Bryan and Will.  Painted t-shirts, played pin the tail on the donkey, they were all hyper and insane and she got a LeapPad she’s already run the batteries down on.

Her behavior has been reasonably good.  She seems to honestly have trouble controlling herself sometimes on directions like “sit still”.  Too bad, kid, figure it out.  But she’s just so flipping HELPFUL and good natured and loving, telling me I’m beautiful and the best mommy ever and all sorts of sweet stuff.  I’m hoping five will be a good age.

Oh, and she went to the dr too.  42 inches, 41 lbs- like Joe, just below the 50th percentile on both.


*Back in the day, about the same age, C’s way of asking to get out was to tearfully wave and hopefully say, “Bye bye, water!”


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