March 12, 2012

I went downstairs to heat up dinner, leaving Joe yelling his head off on the floor upstairs.  (I’m not a monster.  He’s teething.  There was nothing I could do and his sisters were with him.  It was five minutes and I could tell he was alive because he was YELLING).  On my way back upstairs, I notice the yell was a bit muffled.  That’s because, when I entered the room, he was on his tummy.

The girls denied having anything to do with it.

So after bathtime, when he was naked on his frog towel, in a good mood, and wiggly, I sat and watched him.  And sure enough…. he rolled back to front.  Took a bit of doing to get over that pesky arm.

I think he did it so we could all enjoy the sight of nude baby tushie.



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