Race Recap!

March 20, 2012

I ran the Shamrock Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach this past Sunday, 3/11/18.  High points:

*I took Catherine to the expo Friday.  She was terribly well-behaved and we had a great time.  She wants to be a runner.  I bought some headbands.  Walking up to the half-marathon table was a little surreal.

*I was so thankful my whole family (Sean, kids, and Mom visiting) got up at 4 in the morning with me Sunday to head out.  It didn’t seem too awful.  I had oatmeal for breakfast, same as I have every single weekday, coffee, a little water.  This seems to have worked out well… I hit the bathroom once before I went off, then no issues the whole race, no stops.

*Having estimated (back when I signed up in Jan) that I’d finish in 3 hours, I started in the back of the back corral.  Good in that I was passing people, but a mistake.  My split in mile 2 is awful because I spent the whole mile just trying to get around people.

*I didn’t have trouble doing negative splits.  I held myself in a bit the first few miles and sped up gradually and never overdid myself.  You can see from my times I made my biggest jump between miles 6 and 7, about halfway.  I think I sort of thought of it as “downhill from here”.  I was going to run it without a timer, but bought an MP3 player at the last moment that counted lap times, and it was good.  It was bright and hard to see, but I could see I was hitting a little over 10 minute miles.  Faster than I expected, but I kept it consistent and felt good so I was okay.

*I didn’t know there were going to be pace guys.  I passed the 2:30 guy in mile 2 or 3 and briefly wondered if I should stick with him a while at least, but then decided to give it a try to go a bit faster.  Never saw him again.  Around the end, I wondered if I’d see the 2:15 guy.  I didn’t.  I did beat him timewise, but he started way before me, so I never caught him.  Next time, 2:15 guy, next time.

*I’m not sure I’m meant to run with a pace guy.  I’d rather go slower at the beginning and speed up than keep an even pace throughout.  And I used myself up well, too.  I tried to sprint the last mile, and it was my fastest mile, I’m sure, but I really couldn’t add THAT much speed.  Nothing extra there.

*The weather was damn near perfect for outdoor running.  55 and hazy and breezy.  The sun peeked out a few times around Fort Story and at the end.

*The spectators were awesome.  I high fived any little kids I saw standing by.  There were Boy Scouts at the water stops.  Awww.  I waved at babies and dogs.  About the last mile, a neighborhood had set up an unofficial stop and was handing out tiny cups of beer.  Awesome.

*I drank Gatorade and sometimes also water at all the stops.

*I didn’t walk except long enough to get fluids in without drowning myself and a couple times to get a better look at my MP3 timer.

*I need a lap timing watch.  No GPS or anything, just an easy to operate lap timing watch.

*Splits were:

Mile 1: 10:18.3
Mile 2: 11:52.1
Mile 3: 10:34.8
Mile 4: 10:04.9
Mile 5: 10:19.6
Mile 6: 10:08.1
Mile 7: 9:42.5
Mile 8: 9:51.5
Mile 9: 9:47.7
Mile 10: 9:49.7
Mile 11: 9:39.1
And then I didn’t keep track after that, think I missed checking in. This totaled 1:52.08. I finished at 2:11:18, so 19:10 for the last 2.1 miles.

*I didn’t see my family at the end, and they didn’t see me, though we were all looking for one another.  Not sure how that happened.  Took forever to find them.  Need to find a way to carry my phone.

*My playlist was awesome.  Worked out great.  Too long though.

*On a similar tack, next time I’ll know better what sort of time I’m working with.  I’m setting a goal for 2 hours.  Basically, that means I have to knock off a minute a mile.  I can do that.  I can time my playlist to it, knowing that.  I’ll probably start in the 2:15 corral.

*Next time: September 2!  I’ll have to deal with much hotter weather.  But now that I think of it, no playlist that time… it’s the Rock and Roll.  And… drumroll… Sean’s going to do it with me!  I’m so proud of him!

*Overall, I’m so thrilled with it and how I did.  Can’t wait to do it again.  First, though, 5K in May.  Shorter training program, but going to hit some hills and do some strength work.


One Response to “Race Recap!”

  1. JL said

    Really amazing. I’ve been running (not seriously but fairly consistently) for a couple of years now and I’m not sure I could do that well in a half. The longest I’ve ever run outdoors was 8 miles. I should probably consider attempting something like this but with football, softball and whatnot I can’t seem to stay injury free long enough to seriously train. Hmm.
    Would you mind posting your playlist?
    Again – great job!

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