Weekend Highlights

March 25, 2012

  • I tried cereal with Joe.  Brown rice organic blah blah blah mixed with freshly squeezed breastmilk.  He ate it, didn’t lose much at all.  I don’t remember any of the girls being so successful at it the first time, and this is early.  Go Joe!
  • Sean and I started a Facebook running group.  Team Honeybadger.  There will be shirts.  For mutual inspiration.
  • C and R once again managed to break into the freezer and scissor open a brand new bag of candy.  Sean needs to hide candy better.  I just have no idea what to do with that.
  • Day off tomorrow!  Big plans with my man.
  • Joe is rolling like crazy and enjoyed dancing today.
  • Catherine and I went to the thrift store and she picked out outfits for her and her two sisters.
  • We all went to TJ Maxx and Rachel picked out some awesome new shoes for me.  I also got a running skirt.
  • Rachel’s moving into a behavior phase much like C’s from six months ago.  Dislike.  The f-you fours are starting early.  Fortunately, Catherine’s been better.
  • Alice is just freaking hilarious with the long blah blah blah gibbering which maybe means something.  Oh, and I recognized her counting 11-20 the other day.  She also enjoys counting down from 10.
  • Did church this morning.  The girls love Father Joe.  Catherine asked me where heaven was.  I told her to ask Father Joe.  He told her to ask her dad.  LOL.  Rachel and Alice now in the nursery together, Joe with us, C with us… unfortunately.  I want to send her to children’s liturgy next time we go, though you’re supposed to be in kindergarten.  Otherwise, there’s a definite gap with kids’ stuff between 4 (max nursery age) and children’s liturgy.  She was pretty bad sitting through Mass.

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